When I am running, I am in my own world. It is a time for me to get outside, leave all my stresses behind, let go of my thoughts, unwind, and be free. There is always something new to see on every run. I really enjoy taking pictures and finding small paths to explore.

So, take a run with me around one of my favorite places, Bald Head Island, North Carolina. This is an island that is only accessible via ferry. There are no cars, only golf carts, and we live by the motto “I’m on turtle time.” The island has so many different and fun aspects—north, south, east and west beach (all a different experience), a golf course, marshland, forest, turtle conservancy, alligator pond, lemons-aid stand galore, spanish moss, palm trees, maritime forest walks, wildlife, bikers, the island chapel, a pirate history, and the one-and-only Old Baldy Lighthouse.

Check out my video to see what it’s like to put on running shoes and experience the runners high I get from running in a place as magical as this!

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